Space Trooper cue Ranger cutting-edge


Commodity ranking


About rank

S Unused goods
A Second-hand parts
B Used goods
C Used goods
D Used goods
Accessory information
Box あり
Explanation book あり
Parts Finished goods
Missing parts
Remarks Feel and use
Remarks 2 There is a pain in the box.

* the product image becomes a sample. This is different from the actual state.
* the battery set for unused goods is for testing.
* used goods can be used for boxes and goods. Batteries are not attached.
* there may be different sales and tax displays in mail order and store.
Online shop products are sold in stores. Depending on the timing of the order, there is a case of being sold out.
If the item is sold out, your order will be cancelled later. Please understand beforehand.

Exhibition stores
Guarantee period
The warranty period is 1 week after it reaches your hand.
The used junk is not guaranteed for the current sale.
Please note that if you have passed the warranty period, you will not be able to respond to replacement.

Please check the details of the return exchange.